How to fix pagebuilder shortcode does not work on prestashop 1.7

When you use short code of pspagebuilder module to create a new cms page, you has bug like picture

However , where is the short code and how to create it?

You can do these steps to create short code and use it for cms page

+) create profile use pagebuilder profiles

+) after you save profile , it will create short code 

+)open cms pages to paste short code

when you open site and view bug like 

you can do 3these steps:

+)RENAME FILE class_index.php ( ROOT/app/cache/prod) to class_index1.php

+)copy file CmsController.php in pspagebuilder module  (pspagebuilder/override/controllers/front) paste  into front folder ( root/override/controllers/front)

+) config to allow overwrite in backoffice like picture

+) Clear cache , disable compress css, js